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With offices in both Melbourne and Adelaide, CUTTING ROAD FILMS full service video production to meet your requirements. We have both the technical and creative abilities to bring your story to life. We specialise in using the tools of promotional and documentary video production to engage with your audience/consumer base. We pride ourselves in quality and consistency, guiding you from idea generation to completed video.

Commercials - Micro Docs - Long Form Documentaries - Event Recording - Testimonials


Zomato - Melbourne - Restaurant App

Zomato - Melbourne - Restaurant App


These cost effective and exciting videos are a great way to keep in touch and communicate with your consumer base.

Whether advertising a ‘limited time only special’, a themed night at your bar or an exclusive product/service these videos will work to get customers in often and in greater numbers. We’ll work together with you to use our skills in communication and our cinematic tool box to create engaging advertisements.

Designed with social media and web exhibition in mind, these visually engaging and vividly edited videos earn the attention of viewers.

micro docs

Is your business undergoing big change, starting out or need to communicate a message? A micro doc might be what you’re looking for.

A large part of operating or starting a business is communication - whether its within the company or out to your customer base understanding is integral.

Emails, texts, office memos can easily be ignored. A video documentary that presents the philosophy of your business in an engaging and informative matter is hard to disregard.

Piecing together customer testimony, corporate interviews and cinematic footage we will use the power of documentary to construct a relatable narrative unique to your business and its message in an easily digestible 5 to 10 minute video.

Wundenberg’s Recording Studio - Adelaide

Wundenberg’s Recording Studio - Adelaide

Darell Sumner - Supreme Court of SA - Camp Coorong

Darell Sumner - Supreme Court of SA - Camp Coorong

long form documentaries

These projects are made to track the emotional, thematic and personal change of peoples and communities over a longer period of time.

These projects are not to be taken lightly as they take a great deal of time and effort from both parties.

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