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Supreme court oF South Australia


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the disproportional rate of incarceration

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We were approached by the Supreme Court of South Australia as a response to trends in over representation of Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian prison systems.

Indigenous Australians make up 2% of Australia’s population yet they make up 27% of its incarcerated population.

From 2006-2016 the rate of Incarcerated Indigenous Australians has risen by 41%.

Its a problem as old as Terra Nullius and it is only getting worse.

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This is a year long project spanning 6 subjects, young and old to tell their story and convey the level of impact that colonisation has had on their culture. Through revealing and honest first hand depictions the aim of this documentary is to educate the judges of South Australia in an startling and engaging manner.

Our first interview subject Darrell Sumner, an elder of the Ramindjeri clan spoke with passion and emphasis on a range of subjects. With great insight he delved into subjects such as intergenerational trauma, the cycle of incarceration and the loss of identity.

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It was important for us to capture the wildlife of the Coorong where Darrell still lives. Darrell spoke of the environmental  damage that European influence had caused and we captured with our camera the beautiful echoe of its once thriving ecosystem. It was also important to show the Hindmarsh Island bridge in the context of its destruction of sacred land.

Darrell ended the interview by speaking passionately about a possible solution moving forward suggesting that it lies in educating the younger generations about their own culture. We at Cutting Road Films are sincerely passionate about this project, we are learning difficult lessons everyday with it but cherish every moment our subjects are lending to this project.