WundenBerg’s Recording Studio


Invite your audience into your world.


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A business is more than just work – it’s an idea. In some situations the best way to showcase that is through documentary. With Wundenberg’s Studio, we knew we could do more than just showcase the facility. The real value of the place came from the vibe created by great character of the owner and the passion community around it. Filming with the documentary approach, we were able to capture the sincerity and passion of sound mixer Lewis Wundenberg and the excitement of the local Adelaide music scene for the place.

We really enjoy making documentaries – being invited into the worlds of others is such a pleasure. We feel that documentaries are the best way to be real with people in the video medium. If you have something that needs a bit of time for people to understand, then a micro-documentary is the best way.

Wundenberg’s Recording Studio Micro-documentary Coming Soon!

Also it’s a working studio - for quality audio recording for your music or voice recording book now:

Wundenberg gig1.jpg